Dramatic yet intimate

Josh Schaulis captures the grandeur of the West without missing its smallest, most intimate moments. The drama and the detail, the majesty and the delicacy are expertly combined in his work.

A little bit about the photographer

Armed with a flat 110-film Kodak, 8-year-old Josh set off photographing animals at the Sedgwick County Zoo near Wichita, Kansas. In high school he upgraded to a Canon Powershot A520 and began to apply his art training to photography. Today he totes significantly more sophisticated equipment, but he still draws heavily on his education as a graphic artist to create images with fine art appeal.

After moving to Colorado in 2012, Josh’s content shifted away from the industrial urban centers of the Midwest to more rustic scenes. His travels through the Western United States have led him to granite peaks, woodland streams, desert sands, and mist-filled canyons. For Josh, photography allows him to discover things that no one has really seen before. As he puts it, “It’s not ends of the Earth, wonders of the world, but it’s finding beauty in things aren’t so far away. It’s the pleasure of looking at something differently.”

Josh lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, Megan.

Josh Sand Portrait

Josh Schaulis


A typically sophisticated stance Josh uses to get the shot, as seen at Great Sand Dunes National Park.